OpenTable Announces the Top 100 Restaurants for 2022

OpenTable Announces the Top 100 Restaurants for 2022

This year, restaurants became much more than just a place to grab a meal – but instead, the perfect backdrop for socializing, a way to connect with the local community and an escape from too much time spent at home. OpenTable is revealing diners' most beloved spots to do just that via the Top 100 Restaurants in America for 2022, curated for diners, by diners, from over 13 million reviews.

The list comes as OpenTable data for 2022 shows diners are willing to spend on memorable dining experiences: restaurant meals priced $50+ per person saw the largest increase in diners (+8%) compared to 2019. This especially rings true for the holiday season: OpenTable's Q4 Diners Survey reveals 49% want to celebrate with a high-end pre-fixe, 43% are planning or considering hosting a private party at a restaurant this year, and 30% are interested in buying tickets to an exclusive dining event.

"Despite challenging macro economic factors, we're seeing a renewed vigor for dining out – diners are spending more on meals and going out during the weekday more frequently too," said John Tsou, VP of Marketing at OpenTable. "If you need ideas for great dining experiences now or in the new year, start with this year's Top 100 list, based entirely on verified diner reviews."

OpenTable data from the year reveals diners are seeking more opportunities to get together over a meal, more captivating dining experiences and more 'treat yourself' moments.

Compared to last year, weekday dining saw a major boost in seated diners, with the biggest increase on Mondays (+27%) and Tuesdays (+26%). Diners are also dining out earlier, too: compared to pre-pandemic, dining between 4:00 – 4:59 p.m. saw the largest increase at 27% – suggesting diners are eager to get a head start on their evenings.

2022 also saw new culinary curiosity, with cuisines more interactive or communal in nature all seeing a lift compared to pre-pandemic: seated dining at Korean, Hibachi and Brazilian Steakhouses up 50%, 50% and 49%, respectively. Another trending cuisine reveals mindful and sustainable dining is still top of mind for diners: Vegetarian cuisine saw a 60% spike in diners compared to pre-pandemic 2019.

OpenTable's Top 100 Restaurants in America for 2022, culled from over 13 million verified reviews, meaning only those who book via OpenTable and dine can leave reviews, represents diner's most beloved restaurants coast-to-coast. Featuring 47 cities across 21 states, the list arms diners with the perfect tool to plan holiday and year-end celebrations, and beyond.

This year, California dominates the list with 21 restaurants across Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and more. Illinois is runner up with 17 restaurants, all of which are in Chicago – the city with the largest number of restaurants on this year's Top 100 list. Next up: Florida and Nevada are tied at 10 restaurants each – in Florida, cities with Top 100 restaurants include Naples, Tampa, Bal Harbour, Fort Lauderdale and more, and in Nevada – all 10 are located in Las Vegas. 3 Arts Club Cafe at RH Chicago in photo.

A Marathon Work Out Schedule

A Marathon Work Out Schedule

Daily exercise is vital for our overall health. Exercise reduces stress, improves cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, and improves mood and sleep. Clearly, regular physical activity has many benefits for our health and well-being. Exercise can enhance muscle strength and endurance, improve joint flexibility, and boost energy levels. Additionally, regular exercise promotes weight loss. To be sure, there are countless benefits to be gained from regular physical activity. Exercise even helps to improve our mental health and mood.

In addition, regular physical exercise can help prevent or manage various health conditions and risks. These include obesity, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Also, exercise can help to improve our cognitive function and memory. Indeed, it can assist in delaying the onset of dementia. There are many good reasons to make physical exercise a part of your daily routine. It can help us stay healthy and happy for many years. Is there something we can learn from athletes who exercise daily? Can we derive lessons from a marathoner's workout schedule?

Well, exercise for beginners can help change your lifestyle; in this scenario, you don't have to do it alone. Generally, the most crucial part of exercise is being consistent. For instance, if you want to lose weight, you must exercise daily. Running, walking and biking are excellent options to get started; this exercise can be incorporated easily into our daily routine. Undoubtedly, regular exercise improves the quality and duration of sleep- this is the cornerstone of seamless functioning, mood and energy levels.

Now, consider the typical marathon runner's workout schedule. Such a schedule is designed to provide maximum benefits for a minimum amount of time. Yes, we can learn the secrets to running a marathon and derive some life lessons. Try to work out and train with a schedule designed by endurance athletes; such athletes understand the demands of marathon training. One of the main benefits of running long-distance races is that it offers the opportunity to run as much or as little as you like.

Runners who run more often build up their momentum and endurance quickly- much quicker than those who train just once a week. To become a better runner, you should do everything you can to increase your oxygen intake and strength. If you don't give yourself time to recover between workouts, there will be no improvement in the long term.

Marathon runners typically spend a lot of time on their feet. In fact, for many, physical activity is more important than rest in the days following a marathon. But how does this affect your workout routine? If you want to get better at running a marathon and enjoy running on your own schedule, get valuable tips from a runner who has experienced both sides of the equation. Forget about the pounding and soreness you might feel for the first few weeks; workouts like jogging, running, biking and swimming are part of your life as a runner, so getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day is key to success.

Undeniably, it takes a lot of training, dedication and discipline to train for a marathon. A marathon is not just about running 26 miles- it is about having the right mindset, listening to your body and sticking to your workout schedule. A key component of training for a marathon is to be in good shape before starting. Knowing how to start your week and follow a healthy training schedule can help you stay on track.

Yes, running a marathon is the ultimate test of endurance. To complete the event, you need to put in plenty of hard work and proper training. There are many tips and tricks to help you train for your own marathon- from running as much as possible to using every trick in the book, including having a good massage.

Often, when you start training for a marathon, you have no idea what to expect. You may have a goal of doing two hours in the marathon. That might mean running about 10 miles per day in preparation. You may not know how important it is to organize your schedule and ensure you get the proper rest at night—yes, you need much sleep. Ultimately, we can draw lifelong lessons in a regular marathon runner's schedule.

Medicare Advantage benefits to improve Affordability

Medicare Advantage benefits to improve Affordability

Florida Blue Medicare today released details of its 2023 Medicare offerings, which aim to provide Florida residents with high quality, affordable plans that meet their evolving health needs. New solutions from Florida Blue Medicare will ensure members can access personalized, wrap-around and support services whether at the doctor's office, while traveling or at home.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period opens today, Oct. 15, and runs through Dec. 7, for coverage effective Jan. 1, 2023.

With many Medicare-eligible consumers particularly concerned about inflation and the rising cost of living, Florida Blue Medicare sought to tackle one of the biggest barriers to better health outcomes, costly prescription drugs. Many Florida Blue Medicare plans for 2023 now offer a $0 tier 1 and 2 copay, enabling members to access hundreds of prescription drugs at no cost.

Preferred pharmacy tiering was also eliminated to simplify the process of selecting a pharmacy. It's now the same lower cost share at any in-network pharmacy.

Florida Blue Medicare offers 24/7 personalized at-home care so all eligible members can receive all of their primary care services in the comfort of their own home, including vaccinations and imaging.

"Florida Blue Medicare is committed to providing comprehensive benefits and expansive programs," said Kathy Feeny, president of Florida Blue Medicare. "We have a long history of serving Florida residents and we pride ourselves on understanding their unique needs. Our strong collaborations with providers allow us to offer more affordable plan options while delivering access to excellent networks, new tools, and supplemental benefits."

More than one in five Floridians are enrolled in Medicare, and more than half of those beneficiaries enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Florida Blue Medicare has a range of comprehensive options so all eligible beneficiaries can choose the plan that works best for them.

"We know health care, specifically for seniors, is defined by their experiences outside as well as inside the doctor's office," said Camille Harrison, Florida Blue's executive vice president of Medicare and chief innovation and customer experience officer. "That is why we are focused on offering specialized programs and wrap-around care to ensure we are tackling all the elements that help our members and communities achieve better health."

Florida is also home to hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans who have moved to the mainland but maintain close cultural ties with family and friends still on the island. To serve this growing community, Florida Blue Medicare PPO plans offer access to in-network care for members visiting Puerto Rico.

Additionally, Florida Blue Medicare has expanded options in the Panhandle, providing greater choice in a region that has historically had more limited access to care.

Florida Blue Medicare is committed to helping our Florida neighbors live healthier. We offer a wide range of plan options, including Medicare Advantage plans, to give our members what they need to live their best lives and improve their overall health and well-being. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., Florida Blue Medicare is built for Florida's seniors and proud to be affiliated with Florida Blue, a health insurer that has served Floridians for over 75 years. Florida Blue and Florida Blue Medicare are Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

High Jewellery Collection by De Beers

High Jewellery Collection by De Beers

Light is pure energy, emanating from the sun and stars, interacting with the world around us, revealing its many expressions. It can flash with intensity or radiate softness. Highlight shapes or create shadows. Shine with clarity or conjure optical illusions. When it touches a diamond, its colour, cut and the way it is set makes the relationship become even more mesmerising.

Following the launch in January of the first chapter of The Alchemist of Light High Jewellery collection, De Beers Jewellers continues to explore the natural, elemental magic of light, unveiling five new jewellery sets during Couture Week in Paris. The new chapter reveals the astonishing and diverse Dusk Reflection, Ascending Shadows, Midnight Aura, Optical Wonder and Frozen Capture sets that explore and interpret light in ever inventive ways.

The collection comprises a total of 45 one-of-a-kind pieces, with the new sets sitting alongside Atomique, a creative interpretation of diamonds at a molecular level and Light Rays, capturing the moment sunlight radiates across the morning sky.

"The Alchemist of Light High Jewellery collection represents the most creatively and technically ambitious collection we have ever conceived and crafted," says Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers. "It incorporates exceptional diamonds in white and fancy colours, including some specially selected from our Natural Works of Art collection. Our design studio, collaborating with our specialist craftspeople, has created individual pieces that are truly wearable works of art.

There are so many elements that push boundaries. The Dusk Reflection set not only has detachable elements, the magnificent choker transforms into two cuffs, a masterpiece of artistry and technical execution. Both the Ascending Shadows and Optical Wonder sets use coloured titanium and aluminium in striking pink and blue shades to sublime sculptural effect, showcasing both white and fancy colour diamonds. Midnight Aura, evocative of cosmic stardust, sets diamonds within the green gemstone chrysoprase, while Frozen Capture layers diamonds juxtaposed with rock crystal motifs. Every piece is as exquisite as it is extraordinary."

In a palette of pink and white, the Dusk Reflection set, with four unique designs, is inspired by a sunset radiating a soft glow over the horizon. The design incorporates De Beers' iconic Enchanted Lotus motif, inspired by the lotus, a flower associated with the sun because it blooms by day, retreats into the water at night, remerging fresh in the morning. The repetitive pattern is suggestive of daily rhythms.

Pieces are sensual and feminine, with white round brilliant diamonds woven within alternating rose and white gold settings. Satinée radial finishing lends the gold a brushed appearance, enhancing its radiance.

The magnificent choker is beautifully flexible and has a sensuous, tactile quality. A multiplicity of lotus motifs suspend an exquisite 1.13 carat, fancy intense pink radiant-cut diamond from De Beers Natural Works of Art collection. A near-invisible mechanical system allows the diamond to be detached and worn as a pendant on a longer necklace. Truly transformative, the choker also divides to create a pair of stunning cuffs.

The longline earrings in rose and white gold, featuring white diamond lotus motifs in delicate openwork, can also be worn as studs, or presenting a third styling opportunity, worn asymmetrically. The pendant necklace showcases a beautiful 1.02 carat round brilliant white diamond within a motif that can also be detached – the necklace with its graphic diamond motifs then becomes an elegant sautoir. Completing the set are the bold quadrilateral earrings surrounding a round brilliant diamond at their centres, a fusion of classic and contemporary design.

Boundary-pushing in style and story, the Ascending Shadows set contains seven spectacular pieces, architectural in shape, striking in shade. Its design cue is the way stepped surfaces dramatically play with light and shade, reminiscent of the spiral staircase in De Beers Jewellers' new flagship store in Old Bond Street, London. The inspired use of pink, blue and green anodised titanium and coated aluminium creates innovative surfaces on which to highlight rare pink and grey diamonds, as well as green and browny pink roughs.

Modern and magnificent in equal measure, the hero piece is the sweeping necklace. Graduating in size and shape, dark blue aluminium steps rise to meet light blue titanium set with white round brilliant diamonds. As these metals cannot be melded, the 142 separate elements have been individually articulated, demanding the application of a new skill in crafting High Jewellery. In fact, ten jewellers and five setters all worked to create this extraordinary necklace. Edged in white marquise-shaped diamonds and green roughs, the focus is an exquisite 3.41 carat fancy light grey pear-shaped diamond.

Echoing the dynamic movement of this spiral form, the large hoop earrings fan out, the duality of the blue aluminium and titanium showcasing two central 1.01carat white pear-shaped diamonds. In the same colour scheme, the dramatic drop earrings feature two fans folding out from 2.10 carat fancy dark grey square emerald-cut diamonds. Smaller earrings in intense rose aluminium reinterpret the fan-effect pattern, set with browny pink roughs, intense pink round brilliant and white marquise-shaped diamonds radiating from a central 1.02 carat pear-shaped diamond.

Two incredible rings step up to the theme in intense rose and light green aluminium, each with a plethora of white marquise-shaped and intense pink round brilliant diamonds set in light grey titanium, set with rare fancy coloured diamonds at their centres. To complete the set, and to take High Jewellery into a new direction, a bijou de tête features a sweeping double fan on a headband, set with white marquise and green roughs and a central 2.70 carat fancy grey oval-shaped diamond. This can be detached from the headband to be worn as a brooch.

Green clouds of stardust are the inspiration for the Midnight Aura set with its five inventive pieces. Black rhodium offers the perfect backdrop to peerless white round brilliant and princess-cut diamonds. These are innovatively set within cabochon-cut green chrysoprase from Africa, a technique that requires incredible precision.

The magical necklace is so precisely and delicately articulated, it feels like fabric, with hundreds of bezel-set diamonds creating a flexible mesh. Featuring an extraordinary 20.57 carat pear-shaped white diamond from De Beers Natural Works of Art collection, which can be detached, this piece can be worn in three different ways. The design is echoed in the chandelier earrings with a constellation of round brilliant diamonds cascading from magnificent pear-shaped diamonds that transform into studs.

Both rings are inspired by continuity and connection. In the first, pavé-set diamonds follow the symbol for infinity, with two chrysoprase cabochons flanking a 0.7 carat princess-cut white diamond. The second is an open ring with a 4.23 carat pear-shaped white diamond opposite a princess-cut diamond inlaid into chrysoprase. The theme of cosmic orbiting is also brought to life in the climber earrings, with a multiplicity of diamond cuts and settings that reflect the mystical cosmos.

Optical Wonder takes its inspiration from geometric patterns that create illusionary effects as seen in the work of Victor Vasarely, an exponent of the Op Art movement. The set contains seven striking pieces in which contrasting bold lines, created from pavéset diamonds and coloured aluminium, cast beams of reflected and refracted light, drawing the eye to the stunning hero diamonds. In keeping with the Op Art feel, some pieces are monochrome while others feature vibrant colours.

Dramatic black aluminium brings schematic resonance to the spectacular yellow rough and polished diamonds in the necklace and earrings. With its multiple, striped motifs, the necklace features an astonishing 3.02 carat fancy intense yellow radiant-cut diamond at its centre, a design echoed in the longline earrings that can be transformed into geometric studs. A double open ring decorates the hand with a trio of bold shapes, a 1.7 carat emerald-cut white diamond in the centre. A standout piece is the bangle with its alternating bands of yellow round brilliant pavé-set diamonds and black aluminium, showcasing a 3.02 carat fancy deep greyish green oval-shaped diamond.

Concentric shapes, a key pattern of Op Art, inspire the striking drop earrings. A myriad of yellow round brilliant diamonds swirl towards sublime fancy colour pear-shaped diamonds that become the central focus. In the two rings, one dramatic pink, one vibrant blue, white pavé-set diamond lines whirl on undulating, sculptural shapes, converging on the hero diamonds, with the pink ring adorned with no less than a 1.01 carat fancy intense pink radiant-cut diamond from De Beers Natural Works of Art collection.