The Luxe Room Colorado med spa

The Luxe Room Colorado med spa

The Luxe Room, a premier med spa and aesthetics company based in Colorado, has earned the top spot on Inc. Magazine's 2024 Regionals: Rocky Mountain Fastest-Growing Private Companies list. This achievement reflects a staggering 2,800% revenue growth over two years, underscoring the med spa's dedication to quality, exceptional patient outcomes, and innovative services within the competitive aesthetics industry. It also highlights the significant role The Luxe Room plays in the economic growth of the Rocky Mountain region.

The Luxe Room's extraordinary rise to the #1 position on Inc. Magazine's Inc. 5000 Regionals: Rocky Mountain list for 2024 is a testament to its growth and innovation. This accolade honors the leading private companies within the dynamic economies of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The Luxe Room's impressive revenue increase of 2,800% over two years sets a new standard for success in the region, highlighting its leadership and influence in the aesthetics industry.

Co-CEO Brad Mathers attributed this success to the exceptional team at The Luxe Room, stating, "This exciting accolade honors our extraordinary team, who embody our core ethos of prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. Their professionalism and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional client outcomes are the true driving forces behind our growth, and the significant impact we've been able to make in a highly-competitive industry."

Co-CEO Danielle Mathers echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the team's commitment to clinical excellence and transformative patient outcomes. "Our leadership in the Rocky Mountain region is a testament to our team's exceptional commitment to clinical excellence and transformative patient outcomes. Every achievement we celebrate is directly linked to our team's unwavering commitment to not only uphold but also enhance the quality of care we deliver. Our deep appreciation goes out to them for their continuous drive towards excellence, guaranteeing that our patients experience unparalleled care."

The Luxe Room, with locations in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, has positioned itself at the forefront of the aesthetics industry. Known for its exceptional injectable treatments that deliver stunning, natural results, The Luxe Room employs a team of top-tier RN/NP/DNP nurse injectors and licensed medical estheticians. These professionals excel in using innovative and proprietary techniques to enhance clients' natural beauty.

The med spa offers a comprehensive suite of services, including injectables and laser treatments, all aimed at achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. The Luxe Room's commitment to quality and patient satisfaction is evident in its approach to aesthetics, ensuring that every client receives the best possible care.

The Luxe Room's rise to prominence in the Rocky Mountain region is a testament to its innovative approach and dedication to excellence. The team's ability to deliver high-quality, transformative results has set a new benchmark in the med spa industry, making The Luxe Room a leader in aesthetics.

The Luxe Room's commitment to innovation and excellence extends beyond its services. The company continually seeks new ways to enhance the client experience, incorporating the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments and technologies. This dedication to staying at the cutting edge of the industry ensures that clients receive the most effective and innovative treatments available.

In addition to its innovative treatments, The Luxe Room places a strong emphasis on education and training. The team of nurse injectors and medical estheticians are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of care. This commitment to professional development and continuous learning is a key factor in The Luxe Room's success and growth.

The Luxe Room's impact on the aesthetics industry and the Rocky Mountain region is significant. Its rapid growth and success have set a new standard for med spas, demonstrating the potential for excellence and innovation in this field. The company's dedication to quality, patient satisfaction, and continuous improvement ensures that it will remain a leader in the aesthetics industry for years to come.

As The Luxe Room continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its core values of quality, innovation, and patient satisfaction. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of the company's operations, from the exceptional care provided by its team to the innovative treatments offered to clients.

The Luxe Room's success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its team. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence have driven the company's growth and established it as a leader in the aesthetics industry. As The Luxe Room continues to expand and innovate, it will undoubtedly continue to set new standards for med spas and aesthetics companies in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.

For those seeking the highest quality in aesthetics treatments, The Luxe Room represents the pinnacle of excellence. With its commitment to innovation, quality, and patient satisfaction, The Luxe Room is setting the standard for the future of the med spa industry.

Four Seasons Invites Guests to Discover Wellness

Four Seasons Invites Guests to Discover Wellness

Wellness may be one of today's hottest topics, and it's certainly a priority for travellers seeking time and space to rest, relax and recharge. But what does a wellness retreat look like for today's traveller?

For many, a vacation is the ultimate opportunity to focus on oneself and reconnect. A week-long retreat dedicated to personal growth, an invigorating new fitness program, a chance to explore local cultures and try new wellness practices guided by leading experts – or even a single day of detox or a good night's sleep - can provide a much-needed fresh start, no matter the time of year.

At Four Seasons, wellness is a priority, encompassing nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and deeper emotional connections. From plant-based menus and in-room sleep enhancements to visiting wellness practitioners and hands-on connections to the natural world, guests can choose from diverse programming and ongoing experiences to focus on self-care, personal growth and well-being.

Here, the leading luxury hospitality brand offers a collection of what's new and available for today's wellness travellers at Four Seasons around the world:

Harnessing the Power of Nature

The Iliahi Farm and Spa Experience introduces guests of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai to the natural healing properties of native plants and flowers used in Hawaiian medicine. A visit to a local iliahi (or sandalwood) farm immerses guests in environmentally and culturally responsible reforestation of the island, followed by the Iliahi Forest Essence treatment back at the Resort's Spa, which includes a customized meditative sound journey and a scrub, cocoon and massage to maximize the healing benefits of the plant.

Set on the shores of one of the world's most renowned diving spots, Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh introduces guests to an underwater world rich in colours and teeming with marine life, including turtles, lionfish, rays and eels, plus reef systems, coral gardens and even a few intriguing shipwrecks. The on-site dive centre assists divers at all levels of experience as they explore the warm waters of the house reef, or head further out to one of the area's 76 recognized dive sites by boat.

Expert Guidance

Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica, which recently debuted a new hilltop wellness shala, is hosting a calendar of world-renowned wellness practitioners throughout 2024 whose expertise ranges from crystal healing to hypnotherapy, acupuncture, yoga and movement.

Gain confidence and get fit inside the ring at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, where guests learn the art of Muay Thai boxing from an experienced local coach. Basic self-defence techniques are also taught in the ring at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.

At the Heart of the Earth Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai in Vietnam, wellness programming is inspired by the teachings of renowned zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, including the daily "Goodnight Kiss to the Earth" ritual in which guests are invited to end the day to the sounds of singing bowls as they express gratitude. The spa has also just announced this year's roster of Visiting Practitioners, hosting experts across energy healing, reflexology, cupping, acupuncture, AntiGravity yoga, sound healing, shamanic healing, and much more.

Age-Old Wisdom for a Modern World

Learn the secrets of the traditional temazcal – or "house of heat" – at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, and Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita. Led by a shaman, guests are guided through this ancient ritual that has been used for centuries since pre-Hispanic times in Mexico to cleanse the body of impurities and toxins and enhance one's spiritual being through transformation.

Traditional Thai medicine, an ancient philosophy founded on the elemental forces of Earth (Din), Water (Nam), Wind (Lom), and Fire (Fai) informs treatments and therapies at The Secret Garden Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. A team of wellness experts offers tailored experiences from astrology and palmistry to crystal and singing bowl therapy, Reiki energy healing, and more. For an added element of serenity, choose The Secret Beach Spa for an experience kissed by breezes and the rhythmic swells of the sea.

The new Healing Tent at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa is the setting for transformational experiences that incorporate meaningful holistic practices to reduce anxiety, depression and burnout, and improve emotional regulation and self-awareness.

Self-Care Retreats

Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort is hosting its first hiking retreat from April 29 to May 4 this year, facilitated by Sensei Guides and Adventure Park experts for an enriching program within the island's most inspiring settings. The five-night retreat includes moderate and scenic hikes, warmup sessions with an exercise physiologist, spa and bodywork treatments, wellness classes, and even a sunset sail. The popular Unbridled Retreat for women also returns to Sensei Lanai this July, for a five-day program designed to break down inhibitions, stimulate creativity and help participants achieve sustainable well-being in the company of horses, in this intimate group experience.

At Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, the Le Syel Spa team has created a series of customizable three or five day spa journeys designed to reboot, recharge or rescue through a combination of spa treatments, yoga and sound healing. Augment the experience with a sunrise or sunset hike up to the hilltop followed by a guided mountain mediation high above the waters of Petite Anse Bay.

Led by resident healer Dr. Tania Bardhan and a team of wellness practitioners, the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong offers the Empower From Within program, featuring a series of one and half day mini-retreats devised to enhance vitality, induce deep sleep and relaxation, or align body and mind, plus a special two-day program designed with expectant and new mothers in mind. Additional a la carte therapies include meditation, sound healing, cranial sacral treatments, kinesiology, movement medicine and yoga.

Locally-Inspired Wellness

Aside from being a great cook, Four Seasons Hotel Boston Executive Chef Patrice Martineau is also a marathon runner who hosts guests on a morning jog through the city's famed neighbourhoods and historic sites. The 5K route ends with participants crossing the site of the Boston Marathon's iconic finish line. Chef Patrice has also designed a pre- and post-menu for runners to fuel up with nutritious options. This experience debuts in April 2024.

Renowned for its mineral-rich thermal springs thanks to the ancient volcanic activity of nearby Mount St. Helena, Calistoga in the heart of California's wine country has attracted visitors intrigued by the Indigenous practice of mud bathing since the 19th century. Now, guests of Four Seasons Resort Napa Valley can avail of its detoxifying and soothing properties through a series of indoor and outdoor mud treatments that improve circulation, soothe muscles and renew one's complexion.

Revitalize body and mind in K-wellness style in the extensive spa facilities at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Signature therapies are enhanced by time spent in the wet and dry saunas and hot and cold pools. Then, a full-body traditional scrub and a nutritious seaweed cocoon offer a gentle detox, or a warm jade stone treatment coax away aches and pains, leaving the entire body calm and ready to take on the world.

Wellness in the City

An entire floor of Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is dedicated to wellness, with state-of-the-art accommodations combining health and well-being elements such as an air purification system that energizes light to aid in regulating circadian rhythm, water de-chlorinators, sounds machines, guided meditation modules, and in-room fitness and yoga equipment. A stay on the Wellness Floor also grants complimentary access to a private fitness suite with a treadmill, rowing machine, weights, SoulCycle bike and more. There's also a Well Office, an innovative workspace with ergonomic furnishings and other productivity-enhancing features.

At Folia - meaning "from the leaves" in Latin – at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, guests are wowed by the variety and flavours of its entirely plant-based menu served in a garden setting. It's the perfect choice to fuel up after a workout in the Resort's fitness centre, or to cap off an afternoon at The Pearl Spa and Wellness.

Four Seasons opened its first hotel in 1961 and since that time has become a global leader in luxury hospitality and branded residential, with a focus on genuine and unparalleled service experiences. Four Seasons currently operates 129 hotels and resorts and 53 residential properties in major city centres and resort destinations in 47 countries. The company continues to grow with a guest-centric mindset, including a global pipeline of more than 60 projects under planning or in development. In addition to its hotels and resorts, Four Seasons experiential offerings include more than 600 restaurants and bars globally, the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, Four Seasons Drive Experience, and the upcoming Four Seasons Yachts. Four Seasons consistently ranks among the world's best hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars, and most prestigious luxury hospitality brand in reader polls, traveller reviews and industry awards. For more information and reservations, visit

Lucidity Festival Teams Up with Drishti Beats and Gold's Gym SoCal

Lucidity Festival Teams Up with Drishti Beats and Gold's Gym SoCal

Lucidity Festival, renowned for its blend of art, music, and conscious living, partners with Gold's Gym SoCal and Drishti Beats for this year's Movement Lab stage and a "Get Fit for Festival Season" campaign. The collaboration aims to prepare attendees both before and during the festival season and introduces a holistic approach to wellness integrating yoga, music, and fitness.

The Movement Lab stage is a unique space for Lucidity festivalgoers to explore wellness practices amidst an electrifying atmosphere. Attendees will enjoy a seamless blend of vigorous workouts and mindful practices, including yoga masterclasses, sound healing, breathwork workshops, recovery sessions, and "Zen Ride," a group cycle class that merges physical exercise with meditation.

Yoga Masterclasses will be led by Drishti Beats' certified yoga instructors, offering sessions from dynamic vinyasa to calming yin, accommodating all skill levels. Sound Healing will be curated by Drishti Beats, blending live music with therapeutic soundscapes for deep relaxation. Breathwork Workshops will focus on enhancing mindfulness and wellness through guided sessions. Recovery Sessions will include meditation and self-massage, focusing on rest and rejuvenation.

"We are thrilled to partner with Gold's Gym and Drishti Beats to bring the Movement Lab stage to life at this year's Lucidity Music Festival," said Jonah Gabriel Haas, Co-Founder and CEO of Lucidity. "This partnership enriches our festival experience and emphasizes the importance of holistic health. We're excited to see the synergy between music, art, and wellness unfold at Lucidity."

Lucidity ticket purchasers will receive a complimentary 14-Day VIP Gold's Gym SoCal membership, encouraging a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts and festival attendees to explore new dimensions of wellness. For more information, visit

Lucidity Festival is an annual transformational art and music festival held in the hills above Santa Barbara, California. The festival has gained recognition for its unique blend of art, music, and conscious living, offering a holistic experience for attendees.

Drishti Beats was born out of the meshing of yoga and high vibrational dance music passions. A burning desire to create something genuinely unique between the yoga and dance music worlds came together. Drishti Beats offers world-class online and in-person yoga teacher training, blending Vinyasa flow, Yin, and Restorative yoga. The training is designed to prepare students to teach a full yoga class upon completion.

Gold's Gym, what started out in 1965 as a small gym in Venice Beach, California, has since become the most well-known and traditional fitness company in the world. The company has expanded to include 23 locations in Southern California, offering a range of fitness programs and services.

The partnership between Lucidity Festival, Gold's Gym SoCal, and Drishti Beats aims to provide a comprehensive approach to wellness, integrating yoga, music, and fitness. The Movement Lab stage will offer a unique space for attendees to explore wellness practices, and the "Get Fit for Festival Season" campaign will encourage attendees to prioritize their health and wellness before and during the festival season.

In addition to the Movement Lab stage, Lucidity Festival will feature a range of activities and workshops, including art installations, interactive performances, and music performances. The festival will also offer a variety of food and beverage options, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Overall, the partnership between Lucidity Festival, Gold's Gym SoCal, and Drishti Beats aims to provide a holistic approach to wellness, integrating yoga, music, and fitness. The Movement Lab stage will offer a unique space for attendees to explore wellness practices, and the "Get Fit for Festival Season" campaign will encourage attendees to prioritize their health and wellness before and during the festival season. For more information, visit

Massage Envy Celebrates National Award Winners

Massage Envy Celebrates National Award Winners

Massage Envy, the nation's No. 1 provider of massage in the U.S. collectively across its franchise network and a national leader in skin care, has announced the winners of its national awards program at the organization's 2024 Annual Performance Summit held in Nashville, Tennessee. The awards recognize franchisees and their employees as well as schools across the country that embody Massage Envy's core values of optimism, gratitude, excellence, consistency, and empathy.

"One meaningful way franchisees can recognize their employees' hard work is through the national award program and I am thrilled to honor the incredible achievements of their teams across the country," said Todd Schrader, CEO of Massage Envy. "While there are so many employees that make franchised locations a space of comfort and renewal for guests and members, these select few have demonstrated the values that our brand holds in the highest esteem, and we thank them for their contributions.

Winners are first recognized regionally as Regional Therapists of the Year, Regional Estheticians of the Year and Regional Managers of the Year. All regional winners are then invited to and awarded at Massage Envy's Summit. The following awards were presented for the 2023 calendar year:

National Therapist of the Year: Katryna Ousley, Massage Therapist at Massage Envy Fairlawn, Ohio Franchised Location: According to her manager, Ousley exemplifies Massage Envy's values through her dedication to creating relationships and helping clients on their healing journeys. She not only personifies ambition, empathy, motivation, and support but encourages others to do the same. Gina Wolonsky, Manager of Massage Envy in Fairlawn, Ohio, shared, "Katryna leads by example with a positive joyful attitude and commitment to helping others begin and continue their well-being journey. Katryna not only demonstrates superior dedication; she also cares deeply about every client."

National Esthetician of the Year: Jordan Shepler, Esthetician at Massage Envy Davenport, Iowa Franchised Location: According to his franchisee, Shepler is committed to going above and beyond, sharing knowledge across franchises, and creating one-of-a-kind experiences for clients. Margaret Ortiz, Franchisee of Massage Envy in Davenport, Iowa, shared, "Very quickly the teams in Davenport and Ankeny recognized the star qualities that he possesses. Because of his passion for skin care and helping clients on a journey of wellness, he began making a profound impact on the culture of the team."

National Sales Associate of the Year: Tia Deloach (Patricia), Front Desk Associate at Massage Envy White Marsh, Maryland Franchised Location: As shared by her manager, Deloach, embodies the brand's core values and emanates positivity and warmth in everything she does. According to Rebecca Altner, Manager at Massage Envy White Marsh, "Tia's optimism is so contagious - she approaches every moment with positivity, brightening everyone's day, especially when they need it the most. She can take one look at you and know if you need a warm embrace, a safe space to speak your feelings, or just a quick pep talk. She's such a cheerleader!"

National Manager of the Year: Suelynn Elder, Manager at Massage Envy Sarasota-Midtown, Florida Franchised Location: Elder is hailed by her franchised location's multi-unit manager as the driving force behind the success and community at her Massage Envy franchised location. Her creativity shines through, striving to create an enjoyable work environment through contests and initiatives. "Suelynn is the heartbeat of her location. She is an inspiring and supportive leader who always exceeds expectations and strives for perfection," said Ash Clarke, Multi-Unit Manager of franchised locations in North Florida.

National Stretch Service Provider of the Year: Shantle Brown, Stretch Service Provider at Massage Envy Bowie Woodmore, Maryland Franchised Location: According to her franchised location's Director of Operations, Brown finds purpose and fulfillment in her role as a Stretch Service Provider and is dedicated to serving others. Her passion for educating others underscores her commitment to enhancing her clients' lives beyond the confines of the clinic. Lisa Shive, Director of Operations of franchised locations, including in Maryland, said, "She comes in everyday with a goal of serving others and stretching has given her purpose… She loves educating others that routine stretching is so impactful in your total overall well-being."

Franchisee of the Year: Janelle Presti, Franchisee at Massage Envy Canton, Connecticut Franchised Location: Presti's team and peers recognize that she exemplifies each of the brand's values of optimism, gratitude, excellence, consistency, and empathy. A fellow Connecticut Franchisee expresses, "To say she is a wise business owner would be an understatement. Her business metrics have been nothing but stellar with her location continuing to grow and proving to be successful. Janelle embodies the ME values and her role as franchisee is model. She is smart, supportive, innovative and cares about her ME family; from her employees to other franchisees, and right up to leadership. The ME network would be an even better place with more franchisees like Janelle. She fulfills the ME promise, "We help you take care of you"! She is incredibly deserving of the title of Franchisee of the Year."

Spirit Award: Lari Jarvis and Nate McFarland, Regional Developers and Franchisees in Hawaii, and Team Hawaii: Massage Envy would like to thank Lari Jarvis and Nate McFarland. The Hawaiian teams demonstrate remarkable resilience, generosity, and commitment to their community, cornerstones of the Massage Envy vision. Lauren Grucky, Director of Field Operations at Massage Envy shared, "The Hawaii Massage Envy team truly embodies the spirit of the Spirit Award. Their actions serve as an inspiration to all. Lari Jarvis & Nate McFarland are an inspiration in their own ME journey and commitment to the brand."

Excellence in Education Awards: The following awards are issued to schools that exhibit a commitment to moving the massage profession forward and innovating on their role as a massage school.

Southeastern College Charlotte

Sarasota School of Massage Therapy

The Professional Massage Academy

Academy of Natural Therapy

This year's award gala took place on March 26 in Nashville, Tennessee as part of the Massage Envy Annual Performance Summit. "I want to thank everyone for joining us to celebrate these winners. We look forward to a productive 2024 and can't wait to see what accomplishments the year will bring," said Schrader. For more information about Massage Envy, please visit