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Make Up Tricks to Look Younger

Make-Up Tricks to Look Younger


As time goes by, you start noticing changes in your skin: it loses its glow, wrinkles start to appear along with stress lines, flaccidity and other effects of aging on skin.Therefore, a touch of subtle make-up helps any woman look better. The secret lies in using soft and natural colors that blen...

Jade Roller wellness

Jade Roller and why It is trending


Jade rollers have been trending worldwide and even use by your favorite social media influencers, local and international celebrities. But what is Jade Roller and benefits that can be attained in using this.If you are unfamiliar of what Jade Roller is, a jade roller is a hand-size type of paint r...

Masks for the the Skin of your Face

Masks for the the Skin of your Face


Our face is the first part of us that people see and the first image by which they judge us. Therefore, the skin of our skin is kind of our cover letter. It must look its best and it must reflect our nicest qualities.Here are some masks you can make at home to make the skin on your face look fabu...

qikspa get fit

No More Excuses


All that stands between your determination and your goals are your excuses. This time, don't give up on your goal to get a healthier, more-fit body. Here are a few tips to reach your goals.Pick the right diet for you and stick to it for the rest of your life. Don't think about it as a diet but as...

How to Protect Your Lips

How to Protect Your Lips


Fresh and soft lips are intrinsic to a sensual woman. With the dramatic changes of temperature or after being exposed to the Sun, lips tend to dry up more than usual.Lips are constantly exposed to external agents such as wind, cold and heat, and they are in contact with the drinks and food we hav...

Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running


With all the benefits running brings to the human body and mind, it seems striking why we are not all out in the streets doing exercise. Yes, it takes determination to leave home to literally put your body under stress doing a monotonous activity, but its advantages for us are so amazing, maybe t...

Make Your Hair Shine

Make Your Hair Shine


A soft shiny look makes your hair look healthy and fabulous. If you are looking to get a shiny hair, you can achieve it in a simple way with homemade masks. You can find many masks you can apply to your hair below:Avocado MaskAvocado is a very nourishing fruit for your hair, which is important to...

Hairstyles that never go out of style

Hairstyles that never go out of style


Your is the first feature that catches others' eye. That is why choosing the right hairstyle is ideal to highlight your attributes. But a hairstyle is used in more ways than just to highlight your beauty, it's also a way to express yourself, your personality and your style. If you are not sure, w...

The types of waxing you can get in salons

The types of waxing you can get in salons


Waxing is fast becoming the preferred method to remove unwanted hair by women in certain areas. For many years women were afraid to turn to waxing as it was known to be painful, but as it became more and more popular over the years, many have found it doesn't have to be excessively painful and it...

Top Makeup tips

Top Makeup tips


Whether it is a range of colours in your eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, lipgloss, brush, among others, every makeup tool can be used in varied ways and multiple areas on your face. It is smart, practical and economical to use the same product in different ways. Depending on how you use them, you c...

what makeup

What makeup to choose depending on the season


Although colours and styles can vary from one person to the other, there are certain guidelines that are recommended to follow in terms of makeup to make the most of the current season. While you might have already picked the colours and makeup stye in general that best suits, it is advisable to ...

face masks

Face masks


Whether you need to moisturise your skin, prevent wrinkles, treat acne, lighten spots or remove impurities, there's a facial mask for every beauty concern. Depending on the mask you choose, you'll be able to hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They...

Health benefits massage

Health benefits of a massage


Even though most people turn to massages to relax and pamper themselves, getting the right can also have surprising health benefits. In fact, massage therapy as a method to improve health is becoming more and more popular. What once was an alternative approach is now becoming much more mainstream...

acupuncture information education

All about acupuncture


Dating back hundreds of years, acupuncture is a traditional method used in ancient Chinese medicine. You probably have heard of it thanks to its efficacy to relive pains and maladies and its unorthodox method based inserting needles at certain areas of the body patient.Although acupuncture has be...

deep tissue massage

All about deep tissue massage


Although it is not commonly known, deep tissue massage has been used for thousands of years throughout the world due to its miraculous effects on physical and psychological stress. Recent studies show that deep tissue therapy is an effective way to treat common conditions like arthritis, anxiety ...

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